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To all appearance modern age is the age of science & technology.With the technological advancement industrial amelioration goes on and on . Every nation is on the move. Industrial prosperity is cherish able for national development with out skilled workers and managerial personnel industries can’t achieve success. So this institute is mainly set up to render skillful training both theoretical and practical for youth having formal education to a great extent under the a aegis of teaching experts. Job oriented technical & engineering courses and others have been so designed that at the end of course they may be self employed, Placement for eligible candidates in India and abroad may be given as per opportunity . Certificates from this institute are acceptable to all sectors . It is govt.recognized.

THE HOME OF WELDING TRAINING IN PURBA MEDINIPUR. At Q-A Training Institute , we aim to provide high quality welding courses and training to prepare students for a solid career in welding and engineering. We believe everyone can increase their potential through structured training with industry experts.


Q-A Training Institute delivers courses with high practical content and industry relevance. We work closely with industry professionals to ensure all our courses reflect current industry requirements and standards. We train students to a high standard that ensures they are industry ready before they graduate whether they finish


This institute is the pivot of career build-up on which rotates the very edifice of training. The clients and candidates should choose it as it is to be recognized of the recruitment process in terms of innovation, expertise consultative approach and service excellence. Managerial man-oeuvre is to be implemented on a greater scale for the burgeoning youths seeking job of variegated categories through out the whole industrial realm. It is of the fact that unskilled and unemployed youths should be made as skilled operators by imparting standard training so as to place them in Industrial sectors in a great measure.


To all intents and purposes this institute has been imbricated as a skill training and testing centre and mobilize resources to provide effective employable skill to a target population of unemployed youth esp . the unskilled and unemployed youth and array ineluctable. Job placement in India and overseas concerns or industries by 2020 and
Afterwards. Placement in any concern may be fructified as per personal aptitudes merely.

For this mission new students should be offered to choose or select subject as per preference . Experienced and expert teaching may be provided to make students skillful. Tests and trials at different stages may be arranged. Apart from theoretical knowledge up to date practical training may be offered. For this provision for laboratory may be utilized students should put on prescribed uniforms (aprons). Hostel facilities may be available. At the end of training placement may be provided considering the aptitudes and efficiency exactly